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Season’s greetings

As we are come to the end of another turbulent year with COVID-19 disrupting our living conditions and working lives, we reflect on its impact and challenges on living and working in Europe.

During the past year, the EIPSI project team has continued to work hard on supporting teachers, school leaders, administrators and policy makers, especially those involved in teaching and learning enhancements, to integrate evidence informed practice for school inclusion.

Looking to next year, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise through the launch of our open digital platform, where our end users will find resources, good practices and tools on how to integrate evidence informed practice in their teaching. We will also design and develop a t raining plan for teachers, school leaders and authorities on evidence informed practice for inclusion

We take this opportunity, on behalf of the EIPSI consortium, to thank you for your following our activity and wish you a happy New Year!