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EIPSI coordination and training meeting


On September 19th and 20th, the third face-to-face coordination meeting between the partners of the EIPSI project was held at the University of Bucharest (Romania). This meeting allowed:

  • Work on the development of intellectual results (especially IO4+IO5),
  • Monitor the progress of activities,
  • Plan the next steps in the development of the project, and
  • Monitor the progress of management issues

In addition, taking advantage of their stay in Bucharest, the EIPSI partners organized on September 21, 22 and 23 a training on the integration of the evidence-based practice approach in the initial and continuous training of teachers. During the first day of training, sessions were held by the members of the EIPSI team in the project team and the representatives of the partner institutions. On the second day, the training was dedicated to a wider audience consisting of education experts, school representatives, policy makers and student trainees/future teachers. The last day of training was dedicated to visiting schools in Bucharest, placing the training sessions in a real life context.

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