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Transnational meeting of the EIPSI consortium in Amsterdam

All partners involved in our projects came together last week (24th-25th March 2022) for a transnational meeting in at Digital Society School (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences). It was a pleasure to see each other on-site and contribute to fruitful discussions.

The aim of the meeting was to: 1) to work on the development of the EIPSI intellectual outputs (IOs), 2) monitor activities progress, 3) plan the next steps in the project development and 4) to monitor the management issues progress.

A considerate part of the sessions was committed to the IO4 planning. Simona Iftimescu from the University of Bucharest led an interesting discussion and brainstorming with regards to training programme in Romania, which is coming up in September 2022! Please follow this section and sign up to the newsletter for