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EIPSI members at AERA 2022

On 24th April Cecilia Inés Suárez, member of CRiEDO and Proyecto EIPSI, presented research results with a communication at the AERA 2022 Focal Meeting held in San Diego, United States.

The communication presented by Suárez, co-authored with Georgeta Ion and Anna Díaz-Vicario, was entitled “Steps Towards an Evidence informed education in Catalan Schools. From policy makers intentions to teachers’ practice” and was part of the Symposium “Enablers and Barriers to Research -Informed Education: Exploring international Perspectives” coordinated by Jana Groß Ophoff and Chris Brown. 

Among the results presented, the presentation focused on the use of research evidence by teachers, the factors that favor or impede this use, and the organizational conditions that influence the adoption of the evidence-informed practices approach. in the Catalan context.

The Symposium also featured the presentation of perspectives from six contexts, Australia, Catalonia, England, Flanders, Germany and the Netherlands, providing an international vision on the subject of evidence-informed educational practices.